Mindful Eating

Enjoy your food, unplug for devices & chew your food to enjoy what your are eating.

Regardless of if you consume too many calories or too few. No matter if you eat 2 big meals a day or 5 small meals a day. No matter if you suffer from acid reflux or indigestion. And despite if you are what you would personally consider overweight, underweight, or just right—the most important thing about healthy eating for everyone of us is to remember that eating is all in your head—and by that I mean, we should eat more mindfully.

1.Turn off and Tune In
We’re all apt to scarf down a few too many snacks in front of the television. And studies link the tendency to consume almost 25-percent more calories to being distracted by the TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. So be aware of what you’re noshing on by unplugging and focusing on what you’re putting in your body. This way you will actually pick up on the signal that your body is satiated before you overeat.

2. Eat with Purpose
Have you ever asked yourself why you really need that trip to the vending machine at 3pm? Next time ask the reason for the food and you might be surprised to discover that you aren’t actually hungry—you’re actually bored or stressed out. If it’s stress or boredom, perhaps a quick jaunt away from your desk will provide some temporary relief.

3.Focus on What You are Eating
Next meal, instead of mindlessly gulping down that take out stir fry, use all off your senses and focus on what you are eating. Go ahead—smell, look at, touch, and taste each steamed veggie. Examine the colors of each bite, try to differentiate the unique flavors of the ginger, soy sauce, and lemon, and chew slowly so you can actually taste it. The point is we often inundate our meals with needless toppings and ingredients that we don’t even notice we’re consuming in the first place.

4. Slow Down and Chew your Food
In addition to tuning out the exterior impulses—like the television—try eating more slowly. That might mean putting down your utensils between bites to wipe your face with a napkin, but really what you’re doing is chewing your food thoroughly, which will make it much easier to digest. You’ll also notice when you’re full so you’ll refrain from overeating and prevent indigestion and bloating.

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