Benefits of Maca Powder

So many incredibale health benefits!

Maca powder benefits refer to the adaptogen – adaptogen is a substance in our body which plays an important role in increasing the resistance of our body, energy supplies, it boosts the immune system and reduces stress. Closely affects the hormonal system, which will directly affect almost everything: energy state of the organism, growth, sexual stamina and overall health. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C to ensure proper functioning of the heart, the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, cell growth and adequate production of red blood cells.
Maca root powder also contains four types of alkaloids, which are indirectly through hormone system responsible for the proper utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.
To conclude – with regular use, you’ll do great service to yourself and your body, because maca powder benefits are: .
🔸quick supply of body energy
🔸 increase of endurance
🔸alleviation of chronic fatigue
🔸 increase of fertility
🔸relieve of menstrual symptoms
🔸reduce of hormonal disorders during menopause
🔸regulation of hormonal balance in the body
🔸a positive effect on increasing muscle mass, and by many athletes as an alternative to synthetic steroids that are known that can have many side effects
🔸improvement of the overall health
🔸reduce of stress
🔸help with wound healing
🔸improvement of memory, mental and academic abilities
🔸contributing to healthy bones and teeth
🔸acting as an antioxidant and anticancerogenic, thus reducing the risk of cancer tissues and the development of cardiovascular disease (similar to Vitamin B17)

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