How to kick sugar cravings!

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Do you ever feel so out of control when it comes to your cravings, that you get so mad at yourself?!  Start that negative self-talk.  “Why are you so weak?”  “Control yourself! This is ridiculous!”

Been there done that!  Feels awful to not have control over our impulses. 

But you are definitely in the right place if you: 

  1.  Have uncontrollable sugar cravings or food cravings in general
  2.  Feel a ton of shame and guilt around your cravings and impulsive eating.
  3.  Feel like your health is suffering for it.
  4.  Feel like your energy is next to nothing.
  5.  Creates anxiousness or negative emotions.

I know what it’s like to not be able to control yourself around food.  I suffered terribly with impulsive eating and binge eating.  Until I found a plan that worked for me!  This wasn’t something I downloaded nor was it someone telling me what I needed, it was me using a system that allowed me to discover all sorts of things!  

These “things” were either my limiting beliefs, obstacles, lack of positive action steps and to be honest my strengths as well.  
I find when we crave certain foods there is normally a reason behind it. We need to find different outlets for stress and alternate coping mechanisms.

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